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Place of Origin:
China (Mainland)
Pharmaceutical Intermediates


Pharma Grade is completely complying with BP / USP / EP / CP, also has sublimated&technical grade.packaging in25kgs bags.

Physical and Chemical Properties:White crystal or crystal powders,and sweets first and then hot,no chemical changes in the air.Atmospherically sublimation temperature over 76oC.Easily to decarboxylate and change into phenol and dioxide when heated atmospherically,and its aqueous solution appears acid reaction,becomes purple with FeCL3.Slightly dissolves in water but dissolves in boiling water easily.Dissolves in the ethanol or ether and slightly soluble in chloroform.
Specification:Appearance:White crystal or crystal powders
Color and clarity of solution:Meet the requirement.
Loss of drying:d0.5%Sulfate ash:d0.1%
Heavy metals:d20ppmSulfate:d200ppm
Usage:Medicine of disinfection and antiseptic for dissolving skin cutin hyperplasia and skin mould infection.
Packing:To abroad market, 25kg in fiberboard-made pail attached with paper or polyethylene bag inside; to domestic sale, in polypropylene bag attached with polyethylene bag inside 25kg each.
Storage:Dry place in sealed container.